Brand: Morinaga (森永)
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Before we go into what Greek yogurt is we wanted to point out that though this yogurt is made in Japan by a Japanese company it is made under license of Delta Foods SA which is a large Greek dairy company. So, as long as they've followed the recipe they've licensed it should be the real deal! Give it a try and let us know! 

Ok, so first things first, for those that don't know, what is Greek yogurt anyway? Greek yogurt is strained through a cloth or filter to remove the whey giving it a consistency between yogurt and cheese and whilst preserving yogurt's sour flavor. 

So then, what can you use Greek yogurt for? As it has a higher protein content it makes for a better smoothie filler than yogurt, and also gives a slightly creamier texture as well. If smoothies aren't your thing greek yogurt works as a solid stand in for sour cream, and it also works as a stand in for cream cheese in a creamy pasta sauce. Greek yogurt also makes a fantastic base for a nice dip. Those are just a few of the dozens of ways Greek yogurt can be used. Enjoy this rare, and delicious find! now with honey.


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